A LIFE for manicure shears

The story of Ernst und Willy Niegeloh in Solingen, Germany


On January 1, 1936, the brothers Ernst and Willy Niegeloh established the opening balance of their scissors manufacture, which was registered on 26 April 1940 under A3682 in the trade register of the city of Solingen.


The company Niegeloh acquires the first mobile moving means - a DKW box van.


The two sons of the founders, Ernst-Wilhelm and Willy Junior, work in the production of scissors, together with a workforce of 20 employees.


Skin and nail forceps, nail files, tweezers, foot care instruments and manicure cases are included in the sales program. From now on, the company will present itself at the industry trade fairs in Frankfurt.


The Niegeloh company relocates and moves into the new company headquarters at Mangenberger Strasse 330 with a floor area of 2,200 m². The management of the company has been in the hands of Willy Junior (engineering and production) and Ernst-Wilhelm (marketing and sales) for several years. The most sold nail scissors this year is the model 44470 with a quantity of 252,000 pieces.


The shear blanks are formed in series without the usual annealing process. This process is also applied to the stainless steel TopInox series. The technical breakthrough for saving energy as well as the production of tailor-made scissors blanks has been successful.


A new production building on the Beethovenstraße with more than 4,000 m² of floor space will be occupied.


After 16 years of product development and sales, Dipl. Ing. Ralph Ebner takes over the management.


With 80 employees and the most modern production facility in Europe, Niegeloh has grown to the outstanding German manufacturer of hand and foot care instruments. The product lines in the Etu region are continuously expanded.


The scissors series Inox style n 4 is developed - top quality in handling and ergonomic design. This series is made of high quality stainless steel and can be sterilized. The launch of the market is a complete success!


The scissors series Inox style Titanium is introduced: The first scissors series, which sharpenes itself! The effect of the self-sharpening is achieved by means of a titanium-nitrite alloy, since the quartz hardened by the alloy sharpenes the softer blade on every cut.