Niegeloh professional - the cuticle nipper

harder, sharper, durable - made in germany.

You can choose from six different models to fit your individual needs. We offer three different types and two different lengths (3 mm and 5 mm).


For coarse and cracked skin


For calluses and cuticles, particulary at the corners.


For precise cuts along the curved cuticle line.

Your advantage with our Cuticle nippers:


Perfect cut

A better view and more precise cut because of the wide-open angle.


Easy cleaning: 

Fast drying after sterilization because of beautifully, rounded surface at center of rotation.


Resistant to damage

Prevents sharp blades from damage caused by squeezing hard.


Comfortable handling

Fits comfortably in your hand through ergonomic shape.


Easy sharpening:

Sharpen your nipper easily by running the blades parallel on a ceramic nail file with slight pressure.