manicure scissors "made in solingen"

The Niegeloh series at one sight


Our classics in the TopInox quality are CNC-ground all round, all surfaces are precisely machined in the facet cut as in the case of a diamond. Up to eighteen different grinding operations are performed at each shearing tip. The surface is ceramic-blasted, the finely polished blade and the 24ct hard-gilded screw finished the noble look.


Newly developed production processes, such as gentle forming and state-of-the-art hardening technology, lead to an optimum final product with a perfectly insensitive surface. The up to tenfold facet cut and the adjustment by hand give the scissors the necessary sharpness.

INOX style n4

Solinger quality in a new design!


The latest technical processes are used in production. Due to the completely new shear design an optimum in handling and cutting capacity is achieved. The shears are set and tested manually with Torx screws.

INOX style Titanium

Pure innovation! Shears that sharpen themselves and are always as sharp as on the first day. With the Inox style Titanium series, this dream comes true. By coating with a titanium-nitrite alloy, these scissors acquire the ability to sharpen themselves with every cut, the state NRW has distinguished this innovation.