Self-sharpening scissors made by niegeloh


Pure innovation! By means of a titanium-nitrite alloy on a pool of scissors, this pool becomes "harder" than the uncoated basin. As a result, the cutting surface of the "softer" beak is sharpened with each cut - the scissors thus remain sharply longer, thus preserving the properties which are intended for them unchanged. For clean cuts on skin, nails and beard hair.



All scissors are available in 3 colors: steel blue, gold and anthracite.



Cuticle scissors

combined nail and cuticle scissors

cuticle scissors tower point tip

Nail scissors

baby scissors

Beard scissors

This idea, which significantly improves the life span of a pair of scissors and thus the sustainability, has also been awarded by the state of North-Rhine Westphalia in April 2016 as "the best performance for innovative wear-resistant manicure scissors"




The improved sharpness of our cuticle scissors and nail scissors, in contrast to normal shears, was also confirmed in a test of the VPA test and testing institute in Remscheid in 2013.